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Peter Llontop, Blogapreneur

Peter Llontop, Founder, Blogapreneur

Hey, I'm Peter. Welcome!

Who is Peter?

My story's probably similar to yours.

Struggled most of my adult life deciding what I wanted to do for a living.

I was in and out of college in my early 20's. Worked a bunch of different jobs I didn't care much for. At the time, they were much-needed paychecks. Gotta pay the bills, right?

Dragged myself back to college and finished at the age of 30.

I Made It! Or, so I thought.

Actually, if I'm being completely honest, I knew on my first day of my "career" job that I had made a big mistake.

I had officially entered the rat race. I was on the hamster wheel with no end in sight.

I remember thinking that this couldn't be it. Now what? Work the next 40+ years trying to climb up the latter in a job and field I only went into thinking the pay would be worth it. I quickly learned, it wasn't.

There had to be something better. A way to get off the hamster wheel forever and build the life of my dreams.

How were others doing it? How were they taking life by the horns, building their own successful online business from the comfort of their own homes?

That's where my real journey began.

I joined one program. Then another. And then, a few more. All of them promised to be the "best, new, secret method!" for creating a profitable online business, fast.

I tried just about everything out there. All the different strategies. It's tough. Really tough. They don't tell you that...but I will.

Then, finally, after trying a few years, the light bulb found the socket.

Instead of just learning from those who've had massive success online, what if you could tap into their system and partner directly with them?

If you can harness the power of partnering and piggy-backing off someone's already established online business, success is all but assured.

And that's when everything started taking off for me, and where I'm at now...riding the wave to victory!

It then became completely clear to me that I needed to help others who are wanting to do the same: live the life of their dreams by creating a successful online business that brings in reliable, reoccurring income on autopilot.

I needed to not only share what to do, and what works best for total beginners, but more importantly, what NOT to do to avoid years of financial loss and frustration.

You see, I'm not just building my business solely by partnering and piggy-backing someone else completely - I'm also constantly refining my own business model with Blogapreneur.

Optimizing it so I have more time to help others do the same.

As someone once said, the best way to become successful is to help others around you do the same.

Throughout this site, my goal is to help you reach your own online business goals, and hopefully serve as your guide in what can be one of the most difficult, yet rewarding decisions you've ever made in your entire life.

It's possible. You can do this. 

No tech skills? No problem! You'll have all the help you need to make it happen. 

Are you ready? 

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