How to Setup an Affiliate Program That Gets the Cash Flowing

how to setup an affiliate program

Affiliate marketing is one of those skills everyone wishes they had, but not many people know where to begin.

In fact, the U.S spending on affiliate marketing has grown at a 10% compound annual growth rate over the past five years, and that number is expected to continue to rise rapidly.

So how can you take advantage of affiliate marketing and start making money for yourself?

Keep reading this comprehensive guide and discover how to setup an affiliate program that you can make money with today.

Step 1: Start Your Blog

To get started with affiliate marketing, you will need an outlet where you can promote products and services. If you haven't already started your blog but have been thinking about it, now is a good time.

A few steps to follow while creating your blog

  1. Choose your blog name 
  2. Create the blog 
  3. Register
  4. Get hosting 
  5. Write engaging articles & content 

After you have your blog or website setup, its time to start making some money.

Step 2: Decide Your Expertise

This is where you will decide what you will be promoting as a blogger or content creator.

It is best to choose something you are passionate about or have a particular area of expertise in. Readers are more likely to follow your posts if they can feel the passion flowing through the articles or also if you are a professional at a certain subject.

Some of the more popular niches that people have success with are:

  • Health & Wellness
  • Personal Finance 
  • Romance
  • Gaming
  • Hobbies
  • Lifestyle
  • Fashion

These are all great affiliate niches that are profitable and sustainable, as these areas are always in demand. Keep in mind that some niches are more profitable than others, and you will have to decipher what area of expertise is best for you and your followers.

Step 3: Research

After you decide what area you will be focusing in on, its time to research the industry to find what people are talking about and what is popular.

You may have a good idea already of what you want to talk about, but its essential to find products and services that you can promote that are profitable and have a wide selection.

Having a big selection of products will give your consumers more to choose from and keep them coming back for more. When first starting, pick two to three products to promote to your readers. This way, you will become an expert and know the ins and outs of the product.

As you grow your community, you can start to branch out and offer more products or expand your niche to allow for more readers to join.

At this stage, it is essential to start monitoring your progress and seeing what is working for you and what isn't. You will learn as you go what your community wants to hear and what they are not as interested in, giving you insights on what you should be promoting.

Step 4: Find Affiliate Programs

Finding affiliate programs that work for you and your community will be a significant determinant of how successful you are as an affiliate marketer.

Some of the more popular programs that bloggers use are Clickbank and the Amazon affiliates program.

These are great places to get started, but to make your time worthwhile, you will need to do some more research on how to get affiliate links that work for you and your niche. There are plenty of resources to get you started and on your way towards earning your first commission. 

Different programs offer various commissions on certain products and services. Keep in mind while promoting more expensive products, it will require more of your time and resources. Low priced items may only require a simple blog post, and your community may buy it. 

When it comes to more expensive items, it will typically take a little more push to get the consumer interested. This may come in the form of:

  • Email campaigns
  • Webinars 
  • Product reviews

No matter what product or service you are promoting, it is important not to be too pushy towards your audience as they can become skeptical and sense you are selling products. When you lose the trust of your community, it takes a lot to get the confidence back sometimes, so be careful with how you are promoting.

Step 5: Optimize Content

Search engine optimization is critical to growing your community and gaining followers. 

To do this, it will require further research.

First, you will need to do some keyword research. Keywords are vital to optimizing your site and getting it to appear on search engines when people search for products you are promoting.

As you are typing your articles or blog posts, you most likely are already including some keywords naturally, but you will need to step it up a notch to become more relevant on Google and other search engines. There are countless resources for you to utilize for finding keywords to sprinkle throughout your posts.

After finding keywords that are relevant to what product you are promoting, you can then strategically place them throughout your post. Make sure to include keywords in areas that search engine spiders and consumers can find quickly, like:

  • The Title 
  • At least one heading 
  • Subheadings
  • Introduction
  • Conclusion 

While learning how to optimize your website, you should also be tracking your progress to see how well your posts are resonating with your community. You should be monitoring your progress with programs like Google Analytics to see how much traffic is coming to your site.

It is also recommended to keep track of how well your affiliate links are doing to see what products are selling and what isn't working. This way, you can decipher going forward what to put your focus on and what to leave out.

For More on How to Setup an Affiliate Program

Now that you know how to setup an affiliate program and start money online, its time to put that knowledge to the test. Starting a blog and utilizing affiliate marketing is a great way to generate passive income and start living the life you have always wanted.

For more information on how to start affiliate marketing, contact us, and we can help you create a profitable blog!